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Ebony Nobles

I understand your words. I understand the situation.


Nothing has ever completely controlled anyone from what I know in the Forest. You yourself said that Enoch is still in there somewhere, so at any point in time, I believe that the “true” Enoch could have apologized maybe? Not kept all this hidden maybe? Be a little less of an “asshole” maybe?

The first time Defiance as a whole is being informed of any of this information and how “dire” the situation is, is on the Tree instead of in person. That truly seems like the cowards way out. When I was dealing with the Matriarch any and all information ( expect for she was not attacking Defiance because I kept visiting her) I did relay to the town as a whole. When it came time to finally end it all the town was notified in person and it was scary, it was hard, and it sucked. I understand the Matriarch situation is tiny compared to what Enoch supposedly has to do but there is no excuse for how all this is playing out now. It looks shady, it looks secretive, and no hard proof or evidence has been provided. Trust is built on honesty and transparency and currently there just isn’t very much of that and what has been given almost seems like it is too little too late.

I do not speak for the town of Defiance. I am not saying this is how everyone feels. I am saying this is how I feel and to me it looks like the town I trust and care about is in danger from Enoch.

Thus, I still view Enoch as an enemy of the town which I trust. I will not aid him unless the town chooses too. I will not even provide him the most basic of aid.