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You are very correct in that those words cannot be removed, however let me offer you this point;

Metaphysically speaking, good and evil must oppose each other. In the case of Polychromethea, the Troika have the intelligence and understand to understand why there must be a “bad” balance of power, however because of their physical makeup they MUST oppose the “bad” power in their world. They are not capable of not fighting it. It’s very similar to the Light and Dark of the Dark Mountains, they MUST oppose each other because it is in their very metaphysical makeup. Becoming a power such as that takes away some free will because powers such as that are no longer like any of us and have the choice to be be good or bad. They are good. Period. They oppose bad. Period. There is no choice there, they just must do it because of what they are.

The people of Defiance represent “good”. They represent taking the heroic side of things. With what is happening to Enoch, he is naturally starting to oppose “good”. Should he not be affected the way that he is, I do not feel that he would say such things about the town and while the words are harsh and they hurt, in a way it is no different than the way mantle powers are forced to oppose things.

Yes, it is awful, but it is what happens when you do things such as what he is doing. I just ask that you understand that when he went into this venture he had the best of intentions. He wants to save that world and make it strong. The world needed to be fixed. The opposing power to the Troika needed to exist and be strong. He had every respect for Louise. I would not be aiding him in any way if I didn’t know that his intentions and what he is doing is for the overall good of that world. I too enjoyed Louise’s company. We had lovely conversations and before she left, she made for me her last piece of art in the forest. I wrote the words below it because I saw her as a true hero. I would no be supporting him in this if it was not for the fact that I also believe that he is truly doing something good for this world.

It doesn’t make the words sting any less. It doesn’t make what he says right. The words are what they are. They are the words coming from someone who is giving in to darkness to save a world that means a lot to the people in this town. That darkness is making him dark. It’s making him say things the more it takes over. The best thing to do right now is to no longer feed that darkness in him. Don’t argue with him because the more and more people argue, the more chaos it spreads, the more anger that arises. A “bad” world power doesn’t have to be angry and evil. Feeding him that anger will just shape that power more in that side.

My advice is just to ignore him when he says unkind things, no matter how hard it may be and yes, I know it will be hard. I will do what I can to mitigate this. If my time table is right, then this will be the last gather that we will see this and should he be successful, at the end of this gather Polychromethea will be strong and balanced, which is the most important thing in all of this. That world and the people in it mean so much more that back biting words.


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