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Citizen of Defiance,

I am sorry for my late arrival to this session of Let’s See How Far Someone’s Foot Can Go In Their Mouth, I have been quite busy as of lately, between attempting to manage Sweets N Stuff while Arrowood was captive, managing my own business, working with my friends in Boomtown, and also trying to manage this incarnation of myself.

It is quite obvious that Enoch is not as good with words as some of us. This is not meant as an insult, just a comment on the abilities to be a diplomat. I believe that this was his attempt at letting people know of things that are coming this gather and will be happening. I believe this is also his attempt to prepare the town, however please understand that there are metaphysical things at work here that I will be happy to speak about at length at the gather.

To make a long story short, Enoch is trying to make something wrong become right again, but this decision is effecting his personality and ability to be a caring individual, much as the glasses of the Firago basically turned people into assholes the more that they used them. No, Enoch is not using the glasses, but is basically being effected the same way.

I am going to attempt to explain this quickly and efficiently; Polychromethea, just like every world out there needs balance. There are good and not good powers in each world, these powers allow a balance of power that is needed for the world to stay strong and remain as a prime world. Polychromethea has the Troika as the “good” power, but the fight with the Firago here weakened him and he is no longer powerful enough to balance out the power in the world. Enoch has, so to speak, attached himself to the world and is trying to fix the “bad” side in the balance of power. This is effecting him in many ways.

What is important to take from this is that for some time he has been working to SAVE this world and make sure that it remains strong. No, it is not a hero’s tale, but it is necessary. It is as necessary as Cruel 7 Legs is in the Glade or the Nightmares are in the Labyrinth. We may not like those powers, but it is fairly easy to understand how they are necessary on a metaphysical level.

I have been helping him along the way in the choices he has been making and others (should they wish to make themselves known they may and are released from their silence on this matter) have been helping investigate and research what needs be done here.

I ask kindly that you do not hold against him his words here, as the “asshole” attitude has been a side effect of the change going on within him. His view of the world is darker and it’s natural even more now for him to oppose “good”. I do not ask that you aid him, only that you try to understand what is going on and that you don’t hinder what is to come because it is needed to keep Polychromethea a strong and viable world. However, if you are willing to aid him, please let me know. It is going to be a rough gather, but in the end we will strengthen a world and make sure that friends of Defiance who have moved on to their lives there, do not loose what they worked so hard to create.


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