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Ebony Nobles

I trust town as a whole… I haven’t been given any other reason not to. I trust my Minty.
Enoch–Before you returned that night the town as a whole was ready to go. YES it was a choice to be the last ones to stay. Defiance I do not view as cowards. I view YOU as the coward. YOUR ACTIONS were THE CAUSE of the late departure! That is what I know as fact. I’m done with you Enoch. I trust Defiance. I do not trust you anymore, I do not view you as a friend. I view you as an enemy to the town I care about.

You are being so selfish. You want us to trust you and you STILL won’t tell us anything. You haven’t given us a reason, and even if you do, you’re still probably hiding stuff. I will not aid you in anything unless town as a whole wishes to aid you.

You no longer exist to me.