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So, dreams aside…

We need a plan of action that involves more than just diplomacy. Diplomats can reach out to our allies, yes. However we need more of a plan.

We need those that are Uncanny to do visions. We don’t have Tazmira anymore, however it is possible that the Puzzlemaster may reach out to someone else through their visions. This would be important information gained.

We also need our scholars to research the Puzzlemaster and The Game. These are two seperate subjects that could lead us to answers. They key could also be researched.

It is also important that our diplomats reach out to find either a magesmith or technomancer to use the Staff of LRC or to find a worldstrider that would be willing to get us to the Complex so we can attempt rescue.

I also don’t want any harm to come to Sweets N Stuff because of Arrowood’s absence and since I am sure that I am the next most qualified merchant, I am going to attempt to manage it so as to keep it going as I know it would horrify Arrowood for the business to suffer.

I know several people have asked me to reach out and find a Lumencrafter, but this is going to need to be put on hold until we can figure this out. I will also, put my personal projects on hold (other than managing The 7 Circles) while I reach out to contacts I have for help.