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I apologize as it has taken me a bit to gather myself after this gather and get the information to all of you. I do hope that in some way this helps in figuring out what to do about the situation with Aurelia and Arrowood.

On the 2nd night of the gather after we returned to “the forest” (I will in a bit explain why this has been notated in quotations) Tazmira, Enoch, and myself after many performances put our heads together to try to figure out what to do about the situation. The first thing that we learned is that in no way can the Staff of LRC be used by anyone except a technomancer or magesmith. In other words, there is no way we could have forced it to let us get back or to use it to get them back.

Secondly, as we put our minds together we looked to choose the topic as “Getting Aurelia and Arrowood back”. For some reason this topic was refused and we were given ONLY two options that we could look into. These options were “The Key” and “The Game”. We chose “The Game”

It is no mystery to town that this trip to The Complex was a game devised by the Puzzlemaster whom was once known as the nightmare host “Deception”. We know that he has some link to the Dream that those from the Labyrinth use. I personally am unaware of what this link and control is though I believe it is VERY important to our current state, so any information would be much appreciated.

During the investigation we found that we of course did not play his game so he is quite unhappy with us. He meant us to go there, mess things up, blow the bomb, and then the key SHOULD have allowed us back. We actually have no proof that the key would have worked at all.
In order for us to be able to “play again” we would have to do something to either IMPRESS or TRICK the Puzzlemaster. A way to trick him would be to shift his interest to something else equally as mystifying as the complex itself because of it’s many layers and structures. It is possible that The Warehouse could be a viable target for this, but someone would have to look into it.
Tazmira asked about her vision she had with him in it and it was revealed to her that how she impressed him and gained the key in the first place was by doing something he did not expect. In her vision she was approached by a winged fairy like creature that was quite small. He expected her to talk to it, but she squished it. In this she did the complete opposite of what he expected and therefore impressed him. This is why we put our heads together and decided not to do what would normally be expected of Defiance. In the town’s very name he should expect us to defy what happened, instead we attempted a wake/celebration/party to do the opposite of what was expected. I am not sure what outcome this has had, if any.
We could not in any way come up with even ideas for a plan as we put our heads together. While we were quite successful, our brains did not give clear answers to the questions we posed. In other words, we do not have much to go on other that the idea that we need to trick or impress him.

Now, I have my own musings on the idea of what is going on. I could be 100% wrong as I am still new to this place and how it works, but Tazmira seemed to think that there may be some merit in my thoughts. Arrowood popped a vortex to bring us home, however the place we are does not seem to be the Defiance we take up residence in. It it were, there were several things wrong that I just can’t unnotice. While I know our tavern changes shapes as well as the sleeping arrangements there are things that seem to never change. On the 3rd morning of the gather we seem to always have certain visitors.

During Spring we should have seen Dawn or at least some of the more minor spring spirits. I know that PomPon said that the spirits would be in a state of torpor for a bit while they are getting things straight, so this is a possibility of why we didn’t see them.
We also usually see Tristram or Not-Tristram. One of the two always seems to show up. This is the first gather I believe since I have been here that I have not seen one of them. It’s possible that we are just in some other place and he couldn’t make it to see us, but I figured this would be at least noteworthy.
Also, the only “creatures” we encountered after coming back to the forest were oni. It seemed off for me as the only usually have special quirks about them and these just seemed to be base fighty oni. Either way, it just seems the last morning of the gather was quite quiet.

My theory is that we are asleep. Trapped somehow in the Dream in a place where it seems like we are awake and in the forest, but because that is what all of us wanted desperately, much like the way the dreamers dream up their own places when they sleep. I think that we are snug safely in our beds back in Defiance and somehow the Puzzlemaster has made us all go to a dream of his making. Now, I will admit this could be complete bullshit and only the hopes of a mind who just wants to be back in her safe business and handling things as she normally would, but an idea is an idea.

I do not disagree with Chet’s ideas of reaching out to the Allies of Defiance for help, but at the same time I fear we may get no response. I am going to take it upon myself to attempt to contact the Puzzlemaster and see if I can get him to play a game with me. I have experience in tricks and deceptions and perhaps I can peek his interest with my experience in the subject. If he takes my invitation, then I shall attend this short gather coming up to see whether I can be of service or not.

If any of you have questions, please feel free to contact me whether here or by other means.

Nimue of The 7 Circles
Loyal Servant to Cacatrope

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