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John Nunn

Hrm. Let’s try this again. Looks like the Events page updated correctly, at least.

February 22-24 – Indian Springs State Park
March 22-24 – Indian Springs State Park
April 19-21 – A. H. Stephens State Park
May 25 – MomoCon
June 21-23 – Red Top Mountain State Park (Pioneer Campground)
July 20 – Red Top Mountain State Park (Group Shelter #1, with A/C)
September 8 – DragonCon
September 20-22 – Hard Labor Creek State Park (Camp Rutledge)

Indian Springs–the only group camp open during the winter–is apparently closed for more maintenance for January, so they tell me, so our earlier games are bumped a bit. Likewise, we’re bumping around late May for MomoCon (where we’ll have a table again next year).

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