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Priscilla Weber

Elothiamel’s treasure trove dissappeared in the aftermath of his departure. One of his followers described it as, “one minute it was there, and the next it just wasn’t.” If you want to find out more, I would suggest getting to the bottom of what has become of his followers. Some have taken to debauchery in Boomtown, some still continue charitous works, and some have taken to exccessive murder and theivery. Additionally, their brand still exists, and is physically marked on their person. Unlike every onther collector, it did not go away when Elothiemel left, and we have no idea why.

I no longer have time to spend on this endeavour, as other matters have come up that I am better equipped to handle. And given the nature of this dissappearance, I am not sure it will be as simple as, “Oh look, a necklace in the woods! Surely this isn’t curesed or anything.”

It was confirmed that the Jin contained is a lesser jin, and not one of the Thirty Three.


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