Advanced Combat Styles

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Advanced Combat Style are unique training regimens from the various worlds that utilize a weapon or set of weapons in profound ways. Learning these esoteric martial mysteries requires a master of the style (level 6) and one downtime action from the teacher and student to initiate the student in the style. Once the first level […]

The Great Library

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The Great Library – or as some call it, the City of Books – is a lone tower suspended in a dark, boundless void. There is no sun, no stars, no moon, or even sky in this land. What holds this acropolis aloft remains a mystery. Yet within the Tower itself, there exist a plethora of sentient beings made […]

Chants of Fang and Claw

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Spell Name Spell Type Totem Rebirth in Blood Vengeance Instant (touch) — Talons of Red Agony Readied (special) — Donning the Beast Hide Readied (touch) — House of Quiet Secrets Instant (touch) — Greed of the Prosperous Fetish Instant (touch) — Slayer of Daughters, Slayer of Sons Instant (caster) — Black Spider Venom Instant (touch) […]

Annotations of the Great Index

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Annotations of the Great Index (colorless) Homeworld: The Great Library   Spells   Name   Type The Foundations of Rhetoric Readied (special) The Essentials of Mathematics Readied (special) The Requisites of History Readied (special) The Disciplines of Naturalism Readied (special) The Revelations of Beauty Readied (special) The Intricacies of Design Readied (special) The Principles of Expression Readied (special) […]

Hymns of Mother Night

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Hymns of Mother Night (lavender) Homeworld: The Labyrinth of Dreams   Spells   Name   Type Before the Thought, the Hand doth Move Alone Instant (special) Great Weaver, Hear my Prayer for Blessed Sleep Readied (packet) Her Sheltering Hand Night Terrors Circumscribe Instant (caster) The Seat of Wonder, Innocence, and Sin Instant (special) Comfort’s Cousin, In Infant Arms […]

Woodsong and Moonsecret

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Woodsong and Moonsecret is the magic of the fairies of the Enchanted Glade, and it reflects their whimsical, ephemeral natures. Woodsong spells, and the rituals that power them, are fundamentally lighthearted and playful, though what constitutes “play” for a fairy can be downright dangerous. Many of the fairies who practice this “discipline” do not even […]

Thirteen Harmonious Changes

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The Justicars and Inquisitors from the Empire of Perfect Unity practice a rigid and orderly magic known as the Thirteen Harmonious Changes, which emphasizes law, duty, and harmony. The outcasts from beyond the North Wall have practitioners of this magic, as well, though their take on it is often radically different. One of the most […]

The Naming of Things

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In the Desert of Brass, magic is commonplace. Though casters are valued and honored members of society, they are treated almost like any other intellectual profession. Indeed, the cultivation of knowledge and individual scholarship is prized above all other pursuits in this civilized land, and its magic—The Naming of Things—is but another road to that […]

Mysteries of Flame and Iron

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The denizens of Goblin City practice a dangerous magic that derives its power from the forces of creation and destruction. Mysteries of Flame and Iron has some of the most destructive magic in existence, yet many of its spells are creative in nature. Fire, forge, transformation, and the secrets of the inanimate are aspects of […]