Prime World


Under a soft white sun and ever-changing sky, a bright technicolored city blooms around a multicolored tower in a lush and living world; home to people known as Chroma.

In the Bottega District, masters patiently teach their apprentices techniques for their trades in open workshops while shopkeepers sell their handmade wares to passing students, accepting the large and small gold florins pressed hurriedly into their hands. Down in the Proscenium District, actors are rehearsing their scenes as playwrights and scholars pour over historical tomes, looking for the next inspiration to turn into a story. Quiet cafes offer small corners for tired actors, while stagehands scuttle through the tops of theaters, hunting down any phantoms lurking there to disrupt a performance.

The streets in the Rhapsody District are filled with colorful dancers practicing their steps while performers play music and sing for them. On a neighboring street, the boisterous Wildhearts spar together; spirits filled with passion familiar to the ancestral pigments in their blood. They swing their swords while reciting the mantras handed down for generations; many of them hoping to join the Floral Knights and defend their home. Nearby, the Hanging Gardens produce a multitude of luscious fruit; their scents drifting on the breeze into the shops of blacksmiths and potters on Terra Cotta Way.

Beyond the boundaries of the city to the west lie a pastoral countryside, dotted with villages and fields of sunflowers. Pressed up against the western mountains is the rustic town of Poggio, overseen by large shaggy aegipan bounding about on the cliff tops above. North is the Prosepina Woods; a beautiful but dangerous kaleidoscopic forest where the finest Matier comes from. Off to the misty horizon in the south stretches Lake Tranquil, where prismatic fish dart through crystal blue waters. In the West is the Lacuna; the white wastelands and the infamous Farrago’s Keep. It is rumored to be where the most horrid creations live, but no sane Chroma seeks out such a place. Why would you? Rumor has it, you’d be lost forever among the infinite white void of a blank canvas or the envious dark-eyed Farrago would drain your mind, heart and soul to an empty shell. Best to not speak of such things.

And sometimes, around the corner from a late night city performance or down a Poggio mine or on a driftwood shack next to Lake Tranquil, a door opens to somewhere new.

Most Chroma have swaths of various colors in their complexion or through their hair, making them look like humans who have spilled paint just under their skin.  All Chroma come from the seven original ruling families; as such, a Chroma may have dominant pigment genes from one of the Seven Ruling Hues: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Even if a Chroma has a multi-pigment family, they will only have one color scheme i.e. a Chroma could have green freckles or blue freckles, but not both.

Due to the origin of their world, many enjoy adding beauty to their surroundings, whether tangibly by making beautiful objects or intangibly by performing beautiful works. As such, they have a discount buy in for Craft and Performance.

Makeup requirements: either freckles and/or hair of an obviously vibrant color. Wildhearts, Chroma with especially strong passions, are additionally required to have a floral shaped birthmark.

Here’s the Official Packet for more information.