Woodsong and Moonsecret

Woodsong and Moonsecret is the magic of the fairies of the Enchanted Glade, and it reflects their whimsical, ephemeral natures. Woodsong spells, and the rituals that power them, are fundamentally lighthearted and playful, though what constitutes “play” for a fairy can be downright dangerous. Many of the fairies who practice this “discipline” do not even know they are performing magic; a fairy trick is a fairy trick, after all. Woodsong uses silver for its color.


Spell Type
Anger the Old Badger Readied (packet)
Blissful Fairy Wine Readied (special)
Call the Clutching Weeds Readied (packet)
Dragonfly Dance Readied (packet)
Dust Mote Guardian Ward
Foolish Toad’s Luck Instant (caster)
Stillthorn Curse Instant (packet)
Glasswing’s Gentle Mien Instant (caster)
Joy Takes Flight Instant (caster)
Scent of Moonspice Readied (special)
Ring of the Fair Ones Circle
Secrets Under Toadstools Readied (touch)


Ritual  Minimum Duration 
Blossoms of Friendship 5 minutes
Cleansing Sunlit Waters 1 minute
Feet of the Greenwise 5 minutes
Likeness in Clay 5 minutes
Meetings and Greetings 1 minute
Name the Little One 3 seconds
Ply the Stones 5 minutes
Sleep of the Ageless 15 minutes
Song for Supper 1 minute
Tears for Trees 5 minutes
Threefold Vexing 1 minute
Words of Barbs and Nettles 1 minute


Spell Descriptions


Anger the Old Badger

Type Readied (Packet)

Requirements The caster must wear a sizable tuft of fur, a rabbit’s foot, or a decorative claw, else this spell cannot be cast. As well, they must touch this object immediately before its initial casting, or it does not take effect.

Casting Verbal “The Angry Old Badger likes to grumble and snort; if he gives chase, I’ll have some sport!”

Activation Verbal “Old Badger is angry, but he can’t catch me!”

The caster manifests their Mastery in packets. Targets struck by this spell are overcome with Anger against the caster, as a mental effect, for 5 minutes. While angry, a target will do nothing but attempt to pursue the caster in order to engage them with weapons or hostile spells. Note that this effect will end on a target if the caster is damaged by them, they suffer from the angered target’s spell effects, or 5 minutes pass. While affected by anger, the target cannot attack other characters unless they directly impede their progress toward the caster, but may defend themselves as normal. Although an angered target will not do anything that will place them in obvious harm’s way, they will ignore subtle effects such as circles or traps (not walls of fire), and will move through them if their target is on the other side. If the target cannot see the caster—after they actively look around for them—the spell has no effect until the caster is visible again.


Blissful Fairy Wine

Type Readied (special)

Requirements The character must hold onto a vessel of drinkable liquid; If the drink runs out or the caster lets go of the vessel, all remaining uses are lost.

Casting Verbal

“I draw Blissful Wine from flower and dew; in a Fairy’s time your pain is through.”

Activation Verbal “Such a blissful time, drinking Fairy wine!” (while the target takes a sip)

The caster gains their Mastery in uses of this spell. The caster gives the target a sip or pours them a draught of drinkable “wine” (a beverage such as juice or water) only saying the activation verbal as they take a drink. The target then gains a level of enhanced healing, and is Intoxicated for 1 hour. This spell has no effect on characters already under its effect or on characters who are Critical. Like all healing enhancement effects, this spell cannot reduce healing time below 5 minutes, and the enhanced healing only lasts until the target is fully healed or wounded again, whichever comes first. Intoxicated characters are technically under no mechanical penalties, but they must act quite drunk; in particular, the kind of intoxication this spell creates leads to boisterous laughter and jesting.


Call the Clutching Weeds

Type Readied (Packet)

Requirements The target must hold a flower, herb, weed, vine, or stalk of grass, else all uses are lost and all current targets freed.

Casting Verbal “I call to you, the clutching weeds, hold fast my foes by tangled needs!”

Activation Verbal “I call weeds that clutch with binding touch!”

The caster manifests their Mastery in packets. Targets struck by this spell must immediately stop and are Bound. While Bound, the target must keep one foot of their choice anchored to the ground until 5 minutes pass, they break free, or they are released by the caster dropping the effect. The target can pivot freely, and only one foot can be Bound at a time. Bound characters may break free by spending a Feat of Strength and taking a three second count: “Strength 1, Strength 2, Strength 3.” Alternately, another character may similarly spend a feat as a touch effect, in order to free the victim. The caster of this spell may release anyone bound by it if they are within 5′ of them; they must point to them and say “I release you,” in order to do so. If the caster drops the requirement for this spell, they must say this as clearly as possible, for all targets are immediately freed.


Dragonfly Dance

Type Readied (packet)

Requirements The caster must energetically wave some shiny, glowing, colorful, or otherwise beguiling object, or all affected targets are freed. Casting Verbal “Dragonfly, Dragonfly, dance for me; all day long they’ll stop and see!“

Activation Verbal “I draw your glance with the Dragonfly Dance!”

The caster manifests their Mastery in packets. Targets struck by this packet must cease whatever they are doing and watch the caster slavishly in Fascination, as a mental effect. The caster may move about while this spell is in effect, but if line of sight is broken, all are freed. The enchantment ends for all of the spell’s targets if anyone under its effect is attacked by spell or weapon, if any of them are cured of the effect, or if the caster ceases the required waving motion. Note that actually throwing a use of this spell does not drop its effects, if the cater then immediately continues the required motion. While charmed by this spell, a character is nearly incapacitated and cannot take any actions at all, though an attempt to Killing Blow them will instantly free them (and any other targets) before it can be completed.

Dust Mote Guardian

Type Ward

Requirements None

Casting Verbal “Guardian droplets, motes, and dust; in flecks of sunlit spores I trust.”

With this spell up, a caster may “burn” a Woodsong and Moonsecret charge to resist the effects of any single packet-delivered magical effect. Such a resist is called as “Ward,” when activated. The caster can end this spell for a “free” instance of such a resist. Alternately, they may end this ward to take upon themselves any single wound an ally suffers (to the exact location), calling “Dust Mote Guardian” as a touch effect. Dust Mote Guardian lasts until it is deliberately ended or for an entire event, whichever comes first. A character may only have one ward up at a time.


Foolish Toad’s Luck Type Instant (caster)

Requirements None

Casting Verbal “With Foolish Toad’s amazing luck, a silly sight I’ll be; convinced I’ve got a mortal wound, but only skinned my knee!”

While this spell is active, if the caster takes a torso wound from any source, they may instead transfer that wound to an unwounded limb of their choice (calling “Toad’s Luck” immediately upon taking the wound). This spell lasts for a number of hours equal to the caster’s Mastery. Note that a Mortal Blow does cause a torso wound as its special effect, and thus the caster could instead take a limb wound as a result, though they would still lose all Resilience, of course. In addition, while under the effects of this enchantment, a Killing Strike or similar effect will instead destroy their Resilience and cause a Torso Wound. This kind of critical wound may not be shifted, of course.

Stillthorn Curse

Type Instant (packet) or (touch)

Requirements None

Casting Verbal (packet) “With (mastery)-fold sting my thorn strikes true, and the curse of stillness falls on you!”

Casting Verbal (touch) “Grow stinging nettle and stilling thorn, you cursed thing in cruelty born.” (after 1 minute of concentration)

This packet-based spell does the caster’s Mastery in magic damage to the location it hits. If the target suffers a wound from this spell, they are Stilled with a strength equal to the damage they just took. If this spell does not cause a wound, no other effect takes place.

A Feat of Will may be used to resist the Stillness, but not the damage.

Stillness is NOT considered a Mental effect. The touch version of this spell, when cast after one minute of concentration, enchants a thrown or melee weapon such that it may be used to call a single Stillness Strike X, where X is equal to the caster’s Mastery. This enchantment lasts for one event or until used, whichever comes first. Stillness Strikes do their called number in damage and if they cause a wound, they cause Stillness at a level equal to that damage, as above. As with all enchantments, this casting may not stack with itself: if cast on a weapon bearing this spell, it merely replaces the effect. While a target is stilled, they cannot run, make attacks with weapons, or cast packet-based spells. Stilled characters may defend themselves as normal. As a strict roleplaying requirement, stilled characters must act distant, speaking only in soft whispers.


Glasswing’s Gentle Mien

Type Instant (caster or packet)

Requirements The caster must indicate this spell is active by wearing a silver-colored band of wide ribbon or fabric around the wrist

Casting Verbal (caster) “In Gentle Glasswing’s mien, a beast no fault can find; with it I will speak the tongue of all the crawling kind.”

Casting Verbal (packet) “Through Gentle Glasswing’s calming gaze, I turn your mien from battle’s haze!”

For one hour per level of the caster’s Mastery, the caster can speak to, and understand, animals and animalistic monsters. Speech between the caster and any animals or monsters is only heard by the caster (and others under this spell) and any other beasties present. This does not automatically change the behavior of animals or monsters, but it does allow characters to inform them, reason with them, bargain with them, or intimidate them. Creatures whose speech this spell translates are never so stupid that they cannot communicate, and will probably appreciate someone who speaks their language. As with all “aura” based enchantments, the caster should inform applicable beings that they are under its effects by saying the name of the spell and showing them its manifestation, otherwise the targets need not abide by its effects.

The packet version of this spell will simply Calm any target as a mental effect. While Calm, a target cannot attack anyone with spells, weapons, or words for 5 minutes, though they may defend themselves as normal. If the target or their allies are directly attacked, however, this spell’s effect is broken. Beasts are particularly susceptible to this spell and will likely wander off under its effects. Calm effects explicitly cure Anger.


Joy Takes Flight

Type Instant (caster)

Requirements The target must constantly move, and at least at jogging speed, else the spell ends.

Casting Verbal (packet) “My trick is done; I’ll speed from sight; I’ll move so fast that joy takes flight!”

When this spell takes effect, the caster becomes Hasted. Characters under the Haste effect must move at at least a jog, or else the effect ends. Also, if a hasted character attacks someone, casts a spell, activates a spell effect, or uses a skill, the effect ends. Hasted characters cannot be chased by anyone who is not also hasted, nor can they be blocked from escaping an area. In addition, as long as the spell remains up, the caster gains their Mastery in Dodge effects, which can be used at will to avoid all manner of attacks. Both mundane and called defenses will not drop this spell. The extra Dodges this spell grants disappear as soon as the target is no longer Hasted. Hasted characters must indicate they are under this effect by saying “Haste” with every stride they take while near someone who could hear them.


Scent of Moonspice

Type Instant (special or packet)

Requirements (special) The caster must waft a cinnamon stick, a vial of peppermint oil, or a bag of fragrant spices under the nose of the spell’s target, or it does not take effect.

Casting Verbal (special) “All toadkin cakes, and Brownie treats, smell (Mastery) times worse than moonspice sweet!” (hold the spice under target’s nose)

Casting Verbal (packet) “This lively treat and moonspice scent shall clear those minds once chaos bent!”

Upon casting, and after the spice is wafted under its target’s nose, the first use of this spell grants them a bonus Feat of Attunement. This bonus feat lasts for the caster’s Mastery in hours, or until used. A character may not have more than one such bonus feat derived from this enchantment, at a time, and note also that this spell does not grant actual levels in the Attuned trait. The packet version of this spell will end all ongoing mental effects from which its target is suffering. Although this is a packet-based spell and must strike its target to take effect, it cannot be defended against in any way.


Ring of the Fair Ones

Type Circle

Requirements Must lay the phys-rep after one minute of concentration. When the spell ends, the phys-rep must be taken up.

Casting Verbal “Let all who cross the fair ones’ ring, slumber deep and endless dream.”

Characters who enter this circle are instantly targeted by a mental effect that causes them to go to Sleep as a mental effect. Characters in the circle at its casting are not affected by this effect, nor is anyone who resists it and remains within. Anyone outside the circle who successfully strikes anyone in the circle with a melee attack is immediately targeted by its sleep effect, though the blow does its normal effect, as well. Sleeping characters will awaken if they take damage, are subject to hostile spell effects, or are removed from the ring itself. The caster of this spell may awaken anyone within the circle at a touch (called as “awaken”); otherwise, its “victims” must remain asleep. Anyone awake within the circle, save the caster, can fall into its slumber whenever they wish. In addition, sleeping characters within the circle who are Critical or suffering from a lethal Persistent Condition will not die from these effects, and they do not count time spent inside the circle for the purposes of their duration. Characters under these effects resume their previous count if the circle ends or they leave its area. All Killing Blows attempted on anyone within the ring are instantly disrupted and may not be completed, and instant-death effects will only cause the Critical condition to those inside. As with all circles, Ring of the Fair ones can measure up to five yards in circumference per the caster’s Mastery, and it lasts as long as the caster remains conscious within it. This circle takes the form of a ring of tiny mushrooms in all colors and shapes, around which floats a cloud of silver motes.


Secrets Under Toadstools

Type Readied (touch)

Requirements The caster may not speak, save when activating this spell’s effects, else all remaining uses drop.

Casting Verbal “Under toadstools, secrets stand, ’til touched by my revealing hand.”

Activation Verbal “Toadstool is a clever chap; this secret hides under his cap.” (after 3 seconds of concentration)

The caster gains their Mastery in uses of this spell. With a single touch, the caster can Conceal a willing person or object after 3 seconds of concentration. Objects Concealed with this spell must be marked with a picture, image, or sculpture of a mushroom or toadstool. Like Concealed characters, individual concealed objects can be revealed with a Feat of Perception, assuming they are actually seen by the potential observer. The caster of this spell can always see through its concealed targets, and may reveal them to others just as if they used a feat of perception. Note that concealed characters must cross their arms in front of their chest to indicate their status; if they move but a single step from their location, they are revealed.



Blossoms of Friendship

Duration 5 minutes

Tie a bundle of grass, herbs, or flowers and give it to someone. If the bundle is given back somehow, this ritual is Fouled until the character spends a full day without touching any flowers.


Cleansing Sunlit Waters

Duration 1 minute

During the day, wash your face and hands in a basin or bowl (not a sink), while singing tunelessly.


Feet of the Greenwise

Duration 5 minutes

Dance exuberantly in the grass. If you stop for more than 3 seconds, the ritual fails. You need not have a partner for this ritual, but they are certainly allowed.


Likeness in Clay

Duration 5 minutes

Make a clay sculpture of an animal, and name it after someone who was in your presence for the entire ritual.


Meetings and Greetings

Duration 1 minute

In an animated fashion, greet at least five people, who all must be in your presence for the entire duration of this ritual. To each of these people, say or repeat their name and pay them a compliment. Make small talk for the remainder of the ritual’s time.


Name the Little One

Duration 3 seconds

Capture (with your hands or a stick), name, and release a small animal Please do not capture dangerous creatures or disease-bearing parasites; if you don’t know what kind of animal it is, leave it alone. If the animal captured is harmed in the process, this ritual is Fouled until the next event.


Ply the Stones

Duration 5 minutes

Stack and restack 10 or more small stones into a pyramidal shape (at least 3 layers high), while humming. If you stop humming or moving stones for more than 3 seconds, the ritual fails.


Sleep of the Ageless

Duration 15 minutes

Sleep for at least 15 minutes (or at least lie still and seriously pretend to be asleep), without being interrupted by someone touching you or calling out for you.


Song for Supper

Duration 2 minutes

Sing or play a nice song for those assembled, for which you must receive a tangible gift. If the character returns the gift within the day, the ritual is Fouled until you abstain from performing for 24 consecutive hours.


Tears for Trees

Duration 5 minutes

Water two or more trees that are near each other, speaking politely to them as if they were folk of great respect and dignity. Use actual water from some sort of appropriate container.


Threefold Vexing

Duration 1 minute

Play three physical tricks on the same person. If they leave your presence before you have completed this ritual, it fails. The tricks cannot actually cause bodily harm (in-game or out), nor can they involve magic, of course.


Words of Barbs and Nettles

Duration 1 minute

Hurl six insults at a single visible enemy or rival. If the target is killed, incapacitated, or leaves your presence before all six insults are realized, the ritual fails.