Mysteries of Flame and Iron

The denizens of Goblin City practice a dangerous magic that derives its power from the forces of creation and destruction. Mysteries of Flame and Iron has some of the most destructive magic in existence, yet many of its spells are creative in nature. Fire, forge, transformation, and the secrets of the inanimate are aspects of this discipline and the rituals that power it. This school uses red for its color.


Spell  Type 
Sparks of Living Flame Readied (packet)
Heart of Embers Instant (caster)
Bones of Lead, Skin of Bronze Readied (packet or touch)
Wrathful Uncreation Instant (packet)
Forgefire Crown Ward
Blade of Iron Purpose Instant (caster)
The Crafting of Memory Instant (touch)
The Hammer of Thought Readied (touch)
Homefire’s Glow Instant (special or touch)
The Anvil of Will Instant (touch)
Sixfold Inferno Barrier Instant (special)
Perfected Fortress Instant (touch)


The Dancing Fire 15 minutes
The Edge of Truth 10 minutes
Second Striking 3 seconds
The Comfort of Order 5 minutes
The Thrill of Chaos 1 minute
The Final Quench 3 seconds
Tending the Flames 5 minutes
The Apprentice’s Lesson 10 minutes
The Crucible of Pain 5 minutes
Principle of Fair Exchange 1 minute
Engineer’s Scribblings 10 minutes
Fireborn Resolutions 5 minutes




Sparks of Living Flame

Type Readied (packet)

Requirements The caster cannot hold anything but packets in their hands, have any arm wounds, or be Shackled, else all remaining uses are lost.

Casting Verbal “Let bone blacken and crack; let skin melt and fall away; let victory be awash in sparks of living flame!”

Activation Verbal “Your flesh burns with sparks of living flame!”

The caster manifests their Mastery in packets. When thrown, each packet deals 2 fire damage to its target. Unlike other packet-delivered spells, Sparks of Living Flame has a certain element of physicality to it, and thus may be blocked by shields (but not weapons), and is limited in its casting as per the requirements above. This spell may also be used to “light” fires in-game, or to destroy bits of flammable “scenery,” where such exists.


Heart of Embers

Type Instant (caster)

Requirements None

Casting Verbal “I cast my being into the flames; let my blood course with liquid iron and my heart burn bright as embers.”

The caster reduces all fire damage they take to 1, calling “Reduce” when hit with such. Note that Threshold is always applied before Reduction effects, where applicable. In addition, the caster counts as having two levels of enhanced healing. This spell lasts 1 hour per level of the caster’s Mastery. This spell is explicitly incompatible with the Currents of Deepspirit spell Blood of Deep Waters.


Bones of Lead, Skin of Bronze

Type Readied (packet or touch)

Requirements The caster must hold something made of metal, else all remaining uses are lost.

Casting Verbal “With flame and iron, even flesh may be forged anew; by my will I cast bones of lead and skin of bronze.”

Activation Verbal (packet) “I cast your bones in lead to slow you!”

Activation Verbal (touch) “I cast your skin in bronze to guard you.” (after 3 seconds of concentration)

The caster gains their Mastery in activations of this spell. An activation can be spent to throw a packet that will Slow a single target for 5 minutes, or until released by the caster. Any target of this spell may use a Feat of Strength to break free of its effects with 3 seconds of struggling (called as “Strength 1, Strength 2, Strength 3”). While Slow, a victim can only move at a maximum of 1 step every 3 seconds, and they may physically attack no faster than once every 3 seconds, though they can defend, feint, and maneuver normally. The caster of this spell may release anyone bound by it if they are within 5′ of them; they must point at them directly and say “I release you,” in order to do so. The touch version of this spell can be used to give a single individual 1 Protection. Like all protection effects, this takes 3 seconds of concentration before it can be activated and does not stack with itself or other sources of protection. This protection lasts until used or for one event, whichever comes first.


Wrathful Uncreation

Type Instant (packet or touch)

Requirements None

Casting Verbal (packet) “By the pitiless wrath of (mastery)-fold uncreation, I break you and all that you hold!”

Casting Verbal (touch) “By the terrible fires of uncreation, I break that which I hold; I shall take its wrath as my own!”

The caster throws a packet at a single target, who takes X fire damage to the struck location. Every item they are holding is then subject to a Break effect. Only objects which are actually held will be broken in this way; clothing, armor, and anything classified as being worn is not. This means that strapped-on bucklers are immune to this effect, while held bucklers, small shields, and large shields are not. An item which resists this spell is not broken, but the holder still takes the damage. Similarly, if the target is holding nothing at the time they are struck by this spell, they still take the damage. This spell may also be used to break an object touched by its caster. This version of the spell may be used in an attempt to force locked doors and containers, as well as other structures. Upon casting, the item becomes subject to a standard break effect, and the caster takes 1 fire damage to the arm which held the item. Break effects, when applied to locked items, count as Greater Feats of Strength for the purposes of forcing them.


Forgefire Crown

Type Ward

Requirements None

Casting Verbal “With the undying power of my will, I forge a crown of fire; let magic lie in ashes before me.”

With this spell up, a caster may “burn” a Mysteries of Flame and Iron charge to resist the effects of any single packet-delivered magical effect. Such a resist is called as “Ward,” when activated. The caster can end this spell for a “free” instance of such a resist. Alternately, the caster can end the spell after being successfully hit by a melee attack that is not defended against, reduced, or negated in any way, calling “Forgefire Vengeance X,” where X is equal to their Mastery, and clearly indicating their attacker. The attacker then takes X fire damage to the torso. This effect may be called even if the original attack renders the caster Critical, Unconscious, or Dead, but not if the character is suffering these conditions before being hit. Forgefire Crown lasts until it is deliberately ended or for an entire event, whichever comes first. A character may only have one ward up at a time. The damage done by this ward may not be defended against; it may only be Thresholded, Reduced, or taken in full.


Blade of Iron Purpose

Type Instant (caster)

Requirements The blade must be held at all times by its caster, else it disappears.

Casting Verbal “From my very bones, I pull forth a blade of iron purpose; it shall soon burn red with fire and blood!” The caster summons an iron dagger or shortsword seemingly from their flesh itself, and which still glows red from the fires of its creation. The caster must have a physical representation for the dagger, usually a regular boffer weapon prop, which is noted as out of play (a white ribbon wrapped around its pommel) until this spell takes effect, and must have a strip of red tape or marking visible on its blade. This dagger persists as long as the caster maintains the spell, holding onto it at all times. During the dagger’s existence, the caster can call Fire Strike 3 for a number of attacks up to their Mastery. These attacks do not need to be made consecutively. Fire Strikes, like Lightning Strikes may be stopped by any normal combat defenses as per a Power Strike. Note that the weapon that this spell creates is as vulnerable to break/destroy effects and disarms as a regular dagger, and may also be enchanted as such, though blade coatings cannot be applied to it.


The Crafting of Memory

Type Instant (touch)

Requirements None

Casting Verbal (questions) “I call forth from this object the memories which it bears; by my craft, its secrets shall be laid before me (you).”

Casting Verbal (message) “I craft within this object the secrets of my memory; it shall reveal them only to (person), my chosen cohort.”

The first effect of this spell may be used to “ask” an item up to the caster’s Mastery in questions about itself by the participants of an Investigation action involving the object. Most objects will be able to answer simple questions, but magical items and items of significance will often have other “wisdom” to impart. The item must be addressed as if it was a thinking being, and it will answer in kind, with this effect extending to the other questions that may be allowed during the Investigation. The caster of the spell need not participate in the investigation for it to take effect for those that do. Alternately, this spell can be used to imbue an object with a message or vision that will be communicated to a specific, named person. Before casting, the caster provides the memory by writing up to their Mastery in lines on one side of a standard size piece of paper. The intended target’s name must be written on it, along with the name of this spell, and they must attach it somehow to the object. When the recipient (and only them) touches the item, it projects the vision/message into their mind directly; the text is out of play to all others. The spell remains in place until cast again on the object, it is willfully dispelled by its caster, or the object is shattered or destroyed.


The Hammer of Thought

Type Instant (touch)

Requirements none

Casting Verbal (repair) “Though the hand falters, the mind works on; my thoughts strike like forge hammers to remake that which is broken.” (after 1 minute of concentration)

Casting Verbal (enchant) “With the hammer of thought I forge (Mastery)-fold cruelty into this weapon, that it might sound the last bells of the Unmaking.” (after 1 minute of concentration)

This spell will, after the caster concentrates for a minute and then speaks the verbal, fix a broken item or fully restore a damaged suit of armor. This spell has no effect on Shattered items, and it also may not be used to restore resists or other item based abilities. Alternately, this spell will, after the caster concentrates for a minute and then speaks the verbal, enchant a melee weapon of any type such that it increases the damage of any Power Strikes called with it by 1. This enchantment lasts for the caster’s Mastery in hours or until the weapon is Broken, Shattered, or Destroyed.


Homefire’s Glow

Type Instant (special or touch)

Requirements A red glowstick for the (special) version of this spell.

Casting Verbal (special) “I draw from within the fire of home and hearth; may it glow steady and true.”

Casting Verbal (touch) “By the warmth of homefire’s glow, I grant you (mastery)-fold relief from sickness and pain.”

The caster manifests a fire light (represented in game by a red glow stick). Like all light effects, it is entirely physical, and it may be handed off or used at the holder’s discretion. The effect lasts as long as the lightstick does, it is turned off (for non-chemical glowsticks), or one event has passed, whichever comes first. Alternately, the caster can use the touch version of this spell to stabilize a Critical individual, also reducing the power of any Disease or Poison they happen to suffer by a value equal to their Mastery.


The Anvil of Will

Type Instant (caster)

Requirements None

Casting Verbal “By the powers of flame and iron, all falsehood will be burned away; all duplicity will break upon the anvil of my will.” (3 seconds of concentration)

While under the effects of this enchantment, which lasts their Mastery in hours, the caster may expend any physical, mental, or spiritual feat as if it were a basic Feat of Will. In addition, they may expend a feat of will (the above included) to resist any break/shatter/destroy effect on a held object, called as “Anvil of Will.” Finally, the caster may call “Revocation!” under this enchantment, ending it to instantly cast any other MoFaI spell that they know.


Sixfold Inferno Barrier

Type Instant (special)

Requirements None

Casting Verbal “Let any who test this barrier pass from life into perdition; those who contend with my will shall feel the rage of sixfold infernos!”

The caster throws two oversized spell packets simultaneously, each of which is tied to opposite ends of the same red rope. The length of this rope cannot exceed 1 yard per level of the caster’s Mastery, and it must be marked with red tape at regular intervals along its length such that it is as visible as possible (reflective hazard tape works well for this), or have a large enough diameter to accomplish the same goal. This length then becomes the boundary of a great wall of fire, once it comes to rest on the ground. The wall may not be “adjusted” in any way after it is thrown. Those who enter the wall take 6 fire damage to the torso, but the caster is entirely immune to the effects of a wall they have created themselves. Melee, missile, thrown, and packet-based attacks through the wall are unaltered and do not trigger its effect, but if any part of the body crosses the boundary of the wall, the effect is taken in full. The barrier lasts for one hour or until “Revoked” by the caster, who must touch an anchoring packet in order to do so. Any wall that, when cast, touches any aspect of any other wall or circle spell, does not take effect.


Perfected Fortress

Type Instant (touch)

Requirements None

Casting Verbal “No work of iron or steel can fail, if I but touch it, and so I grant this object the (mastery)-fold might of a perfected fortress.” (after 1 minute of concentration)

After concentrating for 1 minute and intoning the verbal, the caster increases the maximum Armor value of a suit of armor by 1. This increased value remains for a number of hours equal to the caster’s Mastery. In order to cast this spell upon it, the armor itself must be fully repaired and at its normal maximum point value. Alternately, this spell may be cast on a shield, granting the item a single resist against Break/Shatter/Destroy or Shield Pierce effects. As with all enchantments, this spell does not stack with itself or other similar abilities. Finally, the caster can use this spell on a door or container, increasing by 3 the number of Feats normally required to force it, if locked.




The Dancing Fire

Duration 15 minutes

Meditate upon an open flame, such as a camp fire, hearth, or candle. If the fire is extinguished, the ritual fails.


The Edge of Truth

Duration 10 minutes

The character must sharpen a metal blade (using a prop whetstone and boffer weapon). The character can sharpen multiple blades, but cannot stop sharpening for more than 3 seconds or the ritual fails.


Second Striking

Duration 3 seconds

The character arranges three coins or Lumens in an equilateral triangle upon a flat surface. They then trace the edge of the triangle with a dagger. Finally, they strike each object with the dagger’s point, “destroying” them. Items destroyed in this manner should not actually be broken, but instead given to a marshal as soon as possible.


The Comfort of Order

Duration 5 minutes

The character must arrange at least 12 small, personal items near their place of rest, and in a strict, obsessive fashion (coins, brushes, combs, mirrors, small sculptures, etc.).


The Thrill of Chaos

Duration 1 minute

The character deliberately destroys something that they own (it must be a tagged item). While doing this, the character must explain why losing the item is in fact freeing them in some fashion. The character need not necessarily have an audience when they destroy the object.


The Final Quench

Duration 3 seconds

The character calls a Killing Blow using a weapon that was made immediately before, or during, the current event (either during the previous downtime period or during in-game production). The killing blow must be completed in full, or the ritual fails. During the same event, you may use the weapon for this purpose as many times as you like; in subsequent events, however, attempting to do so will cause this ritual to be Fouled until you “destroy” 3 weapons you own, and of its exact type.


Tending the Flames

Duration 5 minutes

The character must light a hearth or campfire, set up and lights 3 torches, meditatively light 6 candles, cook a meal, or brew a hot beverage.


The Apprentice’s Lesson

Duration 10 minutes

The character exhaustively details the process of creating a tool, weapon, or piece of armor to another character. If the listener leaves during the ritual, it fails.


The Crucible of Pain

Duration 5 minutes

The character takes a limb wound by fire and must bear it for the full duration of the ritual. Characters can take a wound voluntarily if near open flames, or by use of fire magic itself. Note that if a wound is self inflicted, (for this ritual or for any other means) it does not reduce a character’s Resilience at all, though of course the character faces all the restrictions of a wounded limb. If the wound is treated before the 5 minutes are up, the ritual fails.


Principle of Fair Exchange

Duration 1 minute

The character sells an item they have crafted to a buyer who actually wants the object. If the character sells the item for more than 150% of its base production value, the ritual fails. If the deal is made before the 1 minute is complete, the ritual fails. If the player comes into possession of the item again, then this ritual is Fouled until they “destroy” the object and meditate for at least 15 minutes, to no other effect.


Engineer’s Scribblings

Duration 10 minutes

The character draws up plans for an intricate machine. The object of these designs need not be practical, realistic, or even possible, but the machine must have a distinct purpose.


Fireborn Resolutions

Duration 5 minutes

The character makes a list of personal faults, weaknesses, and failings. They then burn this list in open flame.