Prime World

Enchanted Glade

The Enchanted Glade is a wondrous and magical land, surrounded by green forests and clear streams, and it is the place where Fairies make their home. Fairies come in all shapes and sizes, from the littlest Pixies who live in the Tiny Thicket, to the towering Brownies, each large enough to ride a Hedgehog (though that would be quite rude, of course, as hedgehogs are the most polite and dignified of creatures).

Fairies spend most of their day doing Fairy things, like dancing with voles, hiding under mushrooms, and catching dew in nets of spidersilk. Sometimes, a most mischievous Fairy will taunt the Angry Old Badger, hoping to draw him from his Run, while a clever fairy might trick Foolish Toad out of his sugar cakes, which he selfishly guards (or so they say). The most serious of Fairies (almost all of them Brownies), live in the Big Tree, which is the center of the Enchanted Glade. Everyone else, however, makes their homes in trees and under toadstools, in the grass caves of the Sand Flats, or in huts along the Misty Pond. Most of the little ones who live in the inner glade know each other (or know of each other), though there are the Wild Folk who live out in the great grasslands, and who don't come into the forest much.

Yes, Fairies live uncomplicated lives of whimsy and fancy, with no care of the future. Even if a foolish Fairy got themselves eaten up by a snake or bird, or drank too much wine and drowned in the great river, they would simply wake up under a toadstool, none the worse for wear, except perhaps a bit forgetful of what got them there. As Gentle Glasswing says, "Fairies live forever, but only care about Today." Or, at least, Fairies used to lead uncomplicated lives...until the Rats came.

Deep in the southern woods, one fateful night, a great army of horrible, chittering rats came to attack the Fairies of the Enchanted Glade. With the help of the Brownies, Gentle Glasswing, Old Badger, and even Foolish Toad, however, they were driven back. Still, the Rats make periodic forays into the Glade, seeking to capture little ones for their terrible Rat King. No Fairy taken by the Rats has ever been seen again, and now the Glade is a (somewhat) more cautious place.

Fairy magic is known as Woodsong and Moonsecret, by those few who bother to name it. As can be imagined, this magic school is fanciful, focused on luck, healing, fascination, sleep, and trickery. It is not particularly well suited for combat or destruction, but still has some dangerous effects. Fairy rituals are based on singing, playing in the forest, and making tricks. If you asked a Fairy what their rituals were, however, you'd likely get a strange look, for most fairy magicians do them as a matter of everyday least in the Enchanted Glade.

Fairies can be as helpful as they are mischievous. All fairies, even the grumpiest, have great compassion for other living things. Thus, fairies from the Enchant Glade receive a reduced cost in Healing. Fairies love to sing songs, dance, and play, and they can move even the most jaded listener. Thus, Fairies receive a reduced cost for Performance. Fairies, as a whole (and at least until recently), have never focused on violence or warfare, so the Enchanted Glade has no advanced fighting style.

Players portraying Fairies must wear glitter and their choice of either costume wings or prosthetic "elf" ears. Fairies also have a unique mechanic for dealing with character death, as they tend to simply wake up at home shortly after being destroyed...though things along these lines are a bit different for a Fairy in the Forest of Doors.