Prime World

Goblin City

The Goblin City is a great cavern that houses millions of greenish point-eared people. It is a rocky, sunless place where buildings and roads are all that can be seen. The cavern is spherical, with gravity always pulling objects away from the center. Great machines give the city life and produce strange finished goods for the consumption of the city. Most every Goblin is employed by the owners of these machines, and each is paid a wage for their attention to the machines. Coal and iron are ubiquitous in the caverns below, and this allows that Goblins to build even more machines.

Goblin culture is cynical and urban. Their clothes are mostly manufactured and they have buttons to fasten their clothes to their bodies. Their machines can churn out thousands of identical products every day. They live off of mushrooms which are placed into metal cans that keep them from spoiling.

For all their advancement though, strange creatures known as Gremlins continuously attack the city in the hopes of silencing the great machines that lie in there. Adding to the chaos, gangs and organize crime abound in the city. Magicians practice a technique known as the Mysteries of Flame and Iron that conjures magical fire and metal from pure will. Casters can throw living flame, conjure or morph metal weapons, create walls of magical fire, and repair or break items. It is a style fully focused on the physical world. Its effects usually tend towards rapid, explosive change. The rituals focus on destruction, fire, crafting, order, and sacrifice.

Goblins hold personal labor as being sacred. Goblins are taught upon maturity the joys of making and profession. Almost all Goblins, from the lowest thug to the most erudite Industriarch, produces finished goods. Thus, all Goblins receive reduced cost on Craft. Goblins also excel at the creation and maintenance of machinery. Most Goblins toil through the day on machinery as their profession. Thus, Goblins receive a reduced cost for Tinkering. Goblins practice a double dagger style of fighting that focuses on speed and defense. Players portraying Goblins must have green veins of makeup drawn on their skin and prosthetic ears. Goblins are innately resistant to toxins, and as a result reduce the power of any Poison that targets them by 2.