Prime World

Feral Gardens

The Feral Garden is a huge landmass consisting of dense scrub land/valleys known as Defiles, through which the great Titans roam and the Planters eke out a bare existence, and the elevated jungles of the Reaches, which Dwellers of any worth call home. Surrounding it is the Blue Salt Water: a vast, uncharted ocean filled with creatures so lethal and predatory even the bravest Dwellers will not venture to explore it.

Most Dwellers of honor live in the Reaches, for there they are mostly safe from the Titans, though the flora and fauna of the Feral Garden being what they are, the reaches are still fantastically dangerous on their own. Reaches are elevated Mesas, many hundreds of feet high, consisting of the Bound trunks of impossibly old and impossibly large trees, in the flattened, interwoven branches of which actual stone, soil, and sand has accumulated, giving rise to a secondary “layer” of thick jungle. The “ground” of the reaches is stable enough to support rivers and lakes, though generally the Reach itself tends to vertical growth, with very little bare ground at all. Many of the trees that compose the highest canopy of the Reach are simply modified branches of the trees of its foundation, meaning that a reach is a living landmass in every sense of the word. To give a sense of scale, the largest known reach – Mountainwood Reach – would be nearly 50 miles across its largest dimension.

Dwellers from the Feral Gardens receive a 5 CP reduction to the 2nd level of any Trait, as well as a 5 CP reduction on the first level of Chants of Fang and Claw. As a strict requirement, they must wear heavy makeup to appear bestial and animal-like in nature.


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