Downtime Actions

At the end of every game, you can submit up to 3 downtime actions which describe what your character is doing between events. Certain abilities will grant you more than this, but for most folks the number is 3. Although many skills have obvious and explicit downtime applications, even characters lacking them can make use of these actions.

Although it is possible for a character to never engage with the downtime aspects of our system, even the most “active,” game-based character can benefit a great deal from them. As well, we often use the downtime actions of players as starting points for the next event. If you do consistent, interesting downtime actions, we guarantee you will be gifted with that most mysterious element known as “plot.”

Here is a list—by no means complete—of basic applications for downtime actions, both skilled and non-skilled (check out individual skill descriptions for details on specific rules for these):

  • (Scholarship) Researching any particular topic
  • (Survival) Searching for someone/several someones
  • (Survival) Foraging for herbs
  • (Diplomacy) Attempting to influence factions/groups/individuals
  • (Craft) Producing craft items
  • (Tinkering) Producing tinkering items
  • (Occult) Teaching a new magical skill
  • (Mercantile) Speculating in various markets
  • (Mercantile) Making business contacts or managing a business directly
  • (Performance) Playing at various venues
  • Doing odd jobs
  • Helping with camp
  • Helping another person with a skilled action, if Empathic (please see the rules for Empathy here)
  • Writing letters to acquaintances

Even if you can’t think of anything in particular for your character to do, we recommend that you write something down: you never know how it could come out in play.

Note that non-production downtimes can be submitted either in paper at the end of an event, or (preferably ) via the “Post Event Form” on our website. Production actions (which require money and/or tagged items) are done in person at the beginning of the following event, though the must be noted in downtime.

Crafters and Tinkers get one free production action they may take during an event. Except in highly unusual circumstances, other downtime actions cannot be performed during in-game production periods.