This is the Forest of Doors, the nexus of worlds. Welcome, wanderer, to a place of infinite secrets. All that you know–all the knowledge of your home land–is but a small thing compared to the possibilities that lie before you. Here, you may forge a new destiny for your benighted land, find untold riches, or uncover arcane mysteries that have long been forgotten. Ah, but there is danger here too, traveler; the Forest is no place for the weak…and secrets have claws.

The door has opened. Do you step through?


Welcome to The Forest of Doors, the Atlanta-based fantasy LARP! Here you can find out all about the game, including rules, setting information, and upcoming events. If you are new to boffer LARPing, we hope you will find our introduction helpful…and that you will come join us!


The Basics

For those of you already familiar with the hobby, Forest of Doors is a fantasy LARP in which you play a denizen of one of the distinct Homeworlds. In each of these worlds, magical gates have recently started to appear, leading to the strange and unknown world of the Forest of Doors. Your characters will be among the first to explore this new world, and all the possibilities that it represents.

In essence, FoD is a multi-genre game with a vast array of character possibilities. In addition, our setting and rules system promotes a game that is fundamentally heroic in nature, and character cooperation will be necessary for survival in this unknown–and dangerous–frontier.